Engine Valves

PEC offers a wide range of Intake and Exhaust Engine Valves, for internal combustion engines. Our Valves come in a range of sizes with a variety of material. We cater to Tractors, Trucks, Marine, Automobile & Engineering industries with the advanced CNC technology meeting the highest standards.

Valves Types


Manufacturing Technology Extrusion Forging & Upset Forging
Size Range
Stem Diameter 4.8 to 29 mm
Head Diameter 15 to 138 mm
Total Length 50 to 450 mm
Material Grades
Austenitic Steel 21-2n,21-4n,23-8n,21-12n
Martensitic Steel En52,suh3,suh11
Super Alloys Nimonic, Inconel
Plasma Deposit Hard facing using PTA technology Ni60, Stelite 6 & 12, F, Etonite, Triballoy - 400 & 800, Colmonoy 56
Bi-metallic Valves
Using Friction & wafer welding technique, variety of above mentioned materials combinations can be produced.

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