& technology

Manufacturing Process

Perfect Group has world class manufacturing facility, one for engine valve which located in Sahajpur, about 40 kms east of Pune and the second plant is for Valve guides and Valve Seat Inserts which is located in Lonavala, about 60 kms west of Pune. Both facilities are having latest technology in all aspects of manufacturing such as casting, machining, grinding, lapping, surface treatment and testing, as enabled the company to meet all required standard. The company firmly believes in manufactured quality through stringent process control. Our facilities are spread over a built-up area close to 350,000 Sq. Ft.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our plant is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and forging process constituting of 'Extrusion Technology'

Raw Material
Mild Steel
Alloy Steel
Bearing Quality Steel
Cast Iron
Stainless Steel
SG Iron
Raw Material Forms
Rolled Bars (3/4” to 8”) Forgings(Open Die, Closed die, upset (4kg to27 kg)
Castings (CI & SGI) Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes
Critical Machining Processes
Hard Turning Grinding
Lapping Super Finishing
Internal & External spherical Forms
Surface / Heat Treatment
Annealing Normalizing
Hardening and tempering Carburizing
Nitro Carburizing Liquid Nitriding
Gas Nitriding Solution Hardening
Induction Hardening Hard Chrome Plating
Nickel Plating Plasma Arc deposition